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Tips for You to Handle Dental Emergency Situations Better
09 Jan 2023

Tips for You to Handle Dental Emergency Situations Better

The majority of dental emergencies can be painful and frightening. These calamities may strike you any time, even when you least expect them. People are pretty much in the dark about how to handle such emergency conditions effectively.

Our private dentist in Holborn also a member of the faculty of dental surgery at the Royal College of Surgeons. In the following paragraphs, our dentists suggests easy and effective ways to handle such emergency crisis situations.

Assessing the level of urgency 

Our emergency dentist in Holborn states that cases of dental emergency can be broadly categorised into two groups, the cases that require immediate clinical intervention and those that can wait to be treated. 

Cases that require immediate clinical intervention include the following:

  • Bleeding that seems like never-ending.
  • A badly injured jaw.
  • A loosened or knocked out natural tooth.
  • Painful swelling anywhere in the mouth.
  • Unbearable toothache.

Anyone suffering from any of the conditions mentioned above needs immediate professional care and treatment. If the conditions are ignored and left untreated, they are likely to deteriorate fast, making things unbelievably difficult for the patient. 

All emergency dental clinic shave an emergency number for patients to reach out to, beyond the normal business hours in case of the events mentioned above. To be on the safer side, you must have the contact numbers of atleast three emergency dental services near you. If you can’t reach out to one of them for whatever reason, there’s always two other alternatives as back-ups.

Oral emergency cases that don’t require immediate clinical interval

The following cases come under this category:

  • A lost crown, filling or bridge.
  • A dull and persistent toothache.
  • A partly broken or cracked tooth (provided it isn’t causing unbearable pain).
  • Damaged or broken night guard or retainer.
  • Food particles stuck between the teeth.

If your regular dentist also provides emergency dental services, then he or she is your best bet for the treatment.

Tips to handle such emergency situations at home

Here’re some effective tips to ease your pain and discomfort in such unfortunate situations. 

  • In case of a knocked out tooth, drop it in a cup of cold milk or water before carrying it to a dentist as fast as possible. 
  • Apply a cold compress to stop or minimise bleeding.
  • Add a teaspoon of table salt in a cup of lukewarm water and swish around the mouth with the solution to reduce swelling or relieve irritation in the gums. 

Our dentist also offers emergency treatments. You may contact our clinic in Holborn, London at anytime beyond the normal business hours to get relief from your unforeseen problem.