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Everything You Should Know about Invisalign Aftercare Instructions
02 Jan 2023

Everything You Should Know about Invisalign Aftercare Instructions

Invisalign is a suitable solution to get your teeth straightened without the need of wires. They are clear, smooth and durable plastic trays that are customised and moulded into a set of almost invisible aligners to place them properly in your teeth. You need to change your aligners every two weeks that help straighten your teeth to their desired positions. These days, with cheap Invisalign treatment, you can solve the problem of gapped and misaligned teeth to improve your appearance.

Invisalign After Care Instructions

Congratulations on your successful completion of the Invisalign treatment. You really have worked extremely hard to attain your beautiful smile. We would now have to retain the changes we have made. Your teeth will slowly return back to the state of crowding when you do not wear the retainers regularly.  In due course, you need to wear retainers at night while sleeping.

In order to change you from “active” Invisalign treatment to “passive” retainers, you are advised to follow this sequence of wearing the retainers:

First month:  You have to wear the retainers all the time since you are in the active treatment.

Second month: Make sure you wear retainers for at least 20 hours in a day and remove them only at the time of eating, drinking, brushing and flossing.

Third month: You need to wear them for 18 hours and take them off for six hours during the day.

Fourth month:  You should wear them for 16 hours and remove eight hours during the day.

Fifth month:  You need to wear for 14 hours and take them off for ten hours during the day.

Sixth month: You need to wear the aligners for 12 hours and take off for the remaining twelve hours during the day.

Seventh month: Finally, you are all set to wear them for 8 hours only during the night.

After putting back the retainers, you will get the feeling of being “passive” like your teeth have not shifted. In case you think your teeth are tight and not passive, then you may need to lengthen the weeing phase.

  • Take out the retainers at the time of eating and make sure you store them in their case.
  • It is necessary to clean the retainers thoroughly once in a day with a toothbrush and warm water. Brushing the retainers will remove theplaque and get rid of odors.
  • Retainers are easily breakable and so, you should treat them with proper care. If the retainers are broken or lost, you should call your dentist immediately.
  • Don’t forget to bring your retainers at the appointments where the staff will clean them for you.
  • Replacing the retainer is a costly procedure and with proper care, they are meant to last for many years.
  • Make sure you remove the retainers when swimming.
  • It is advised to keep your retainers away from hot water, pockets, hot dashboards, washing machine and napkins.

You may visit our clinic where the Invisalign dentist in London can help to get your teeth straightened to restore your attractive smile. This way, you can improve not just your appearance but confidence level too.