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The Advantages of Invisalign over Metal Braces
13 Feb 2023

The Advantages of Invisalign over Metal Braces

Dental problems are very common; as of 2016, the World Health Organization estimated that 3.58 billion people (half of the world’s population) were affected by dental problems and oral diseases.

Oral diseases affect the ability of an individual to bite, chew, smile, and even speak. Crooked, misaligned, or missing teeth look unsightly and even make brushing the teeth difficult.

The use of teeth braces is one common way to align teeth properly and correct overcrowding and misalignment. The drawbacks of the conventional metal braces are many, they cause discomfort, and they are painful and unattractive. Invisalign aligners, on the other hand, is a clear teeth alignment device, and it is considered a prefered alternative to the conventional metal braces.

Advantages of Invisalign over Conventional Metal Braces

  • Attractive

Invisalign is attractive and has a better appearance when compared to metal braces. It does not cause embarrassment or make you feel bad about yourself. It even eliminates school taunting and bullying, and it boosts the self-confidence of teenagers.

  • Fast Action

Metal braces take up to 5 years to straighten your teeth whereas Invisalign takes up to 1 to 1 ½ years to straighten your teeth. It is also very effective than metal braces, and you are very sure of your expectations.

  • Fewer Restrictions

People with metal braces are restricted in participating in some sports like baseball and soccer because a blow to the mouth can cause severe pain and damage, but this is not the case when it comes to Invisalign.

You can remove it during game time and replace them when you are done.

  • Increased Comfort

Invisalign is highly comfortable, unlike metal braces, which can cause discomforts. This discomfort is completely missing in Invisalign as there are no wires, metal pieces, or brackets. They are made of lightweight, smooth, and clear plastic.

  • Eat Whatever Food you Love

Individuals with metal braces are forbidden from eating certain foods like popcorn, bagels, hard candy, taffy, pretzels, veggies, pizza, nuts, gummy bears, crunchy foods, caramel, and gum.

Whereas those with Invisalign are free to eat all these foods, you take it off before you eat and when you’ve finished eating, brush your teeth before putting it back to avoid staining your clear aligners.

  • Fewer Appointments

When you’re using Invisalign, you will see your dentist every six weeks to see how your teeth are aligning properly and to also give you a new set of aligners.

This is perfect for busy people who have less time to spend at the dentist’s office, adjusting braces.

  • Improved Oral Hygiene

It is difficult to brush your teeth easily and floss when you are wearing metal braces, people who remove their metal braces afterwards are disappointed to see stains around the rims of the brackets.

Their gums also appear dark or red, and there is the presence of tooth cavities. This is not the same if you are using Invisalign, you can remove it and brush your teeth, you can also floss and whiten your teeth, and then you put them back.  

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