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Invisalign vs Six Month Smile - Which is Better Treatment Option?
06 Mar 2023

Invisalign vs Six Month Smile - Which is Better Treatment Option?

Do you dream of getting the perfect smile that will lighten up your face and allow you to show your teeth with confidence? If yes, then there are different kinds of braces that can help to get back your smile and improve overall appearance. In the past, braces meant having a mouth full of metal for some years however, the new innovations in orthodontic technology mean braces are now discreet and act faster than before.

Two popular options are Six Month Smiles and Invisalign. Both of them can help you to restore your dream smile. In this blog, we weigh up the benefits to compare these two teeth braces for adults.

Benefits of six month smiles

  • Effective – Six month smiles give you straighter teeth and beautiful smile that you always wanted. Thus, you can get amazing results within a short time.
  • White braces – These braces use white brackets and tooth-coloured wires so that they are less noticeable on the teeth.
  • Quick results – Your crooked teeth can get straightened within six months. These braces choose an innovative design to straighten root and surface area of the tooth within the same time.
  • Affordable – Six month smiles is more affordable than traditional braces.

Benefits of invisalign braces

  • Almost invisible – Invisalign braces are virtually invisible without any embarrassment of wearing them in public.
  • Less treatment time – You will have to wear these clear aligners for one year only to get your teeth straightened.
  • Easy to care and maintain – You need to remove the aligners, brush your teeth, clean them properly to prevent damage to the teeth or formation of cavities.
  • Improve your self-esteem – Your gorgeous smile can build confidence that leads to improved self-esteem and great happiness.

Types of braces that works quickly

Six Month Smiles are more popular and effective option to provide quick results. You can see changes to your front teeth alignment within the first few weeks after getting them fitted. Also, you can see improvements in your teeth straightening position soon.

On the other hand, Invisalign is a rather slow option with treatment time of 12 months for adults, on an average. Yet, Invisalign is considerably faster than traditional metal braces, which usually requires two years or more to get the most desired results.

Choosing between six month smiles and invisalign

Every person has their own smile. When choosing between Six Month Smiles versus Invisalign, the right option depends on your circumstances and objectives. If you have a complicated case or do not want to wear fixed braces for a certain time, Invisalign treatment will be a suitable option. However, if you want to expect quick results, six month smiles treatment may be the perfect solution.

Finally, you may book a consultation with our dentist at London Braces to know the right option for your case.