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Laser teeth whitening

Laser teeth whitening, also called LED whitening, is a teeth whitening procedure that lets you whiten your teeth within an hour. If you want your teeth bright and smile radiant, but you do not have the time or patience to wait for some days or weeks to see the result of your treatment then LED whitening is just the perfect teeth whitening treatment for you.

Laser whitening is a professional teeth whitening treatment that involves an in-chair whitening session with your dentist. With laser teeth whitening, you can have your smile ready and boost your confidence for that interview or significant event. You can also use laser teeth whitening as a top-up for your regular whitening routine.

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Laser teeth whitening process

You would undergo the following steps to get your teeth whitened using the laser teeth whitening treatment.

  • First, your dentist will take a look at your teeth and gum to confirm if you are a suitable candidate for laser teeth whitening.
  • Your dentist will then place a cheek retractor in your mouth.
  • The next step is the application of the whitening gel to your teeth.
  • Your dentist will activate the whitening gel using laser light.
  • The whitening gel then removes the stains on your teeth, and you are ready to showcase your new smile.

Benefits of laser teeth whitening.

The following are a few benefits of whitening your teeth with laser teeth whitening solution.

  • It helps you to regain your bright smile.
  • Removes any stain or discolouration
  • Makes you look more attractive
  • Boosts your self-esteem and confidence
  • Beautifies your smile and helps creates an excellent first impression
  • Quickly improves your smile for special events like a wedding or graduation

How long does the whitening session last?

Laser teeth whitening treatment lasts for about 60 minutes. The treatment consists of a ten minutes consultation with your dentist and then a 50 minutes in-chair teeth whitening session. If the shade of your teeth is dark, you may need a second teeth whitening session one week after the first session.

What causes teeth staining?

As we get older, the shade of the teeth naturally gets dull, but there a few factors other that can make the teeth stained. They include:

  • Excess intake of tobacco
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Old dental fillings
  • Excess intake of stain-causing foods and drinks like tomato-based sauce or coffee
  • Consuming certain medications
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What result can I expect after my laser teeth whitening

The result of laser teeth whitening varies between persons, and it depends on some factors like how dark the teeth are before the whitening. To get the best result from your laser teeth whitening, the dentist recommends professional cleaning of the teeth before the procedure.

On average, laser teeth whitening treatment brightens the teeth by 3 – 4 shades. To get the best effect, try to avoid any stain-causing food in the first 24 hours following your treatment.

Is laser teeth whitening painful?

Laser teeth whitening is not painful, and most patients do not complain of sensitivity after the procedure.

Is the whitening effect permanent?

The whitening effect of laser teeth whitening can last for about 2 – 3 years depending on the person. The duration of the whitening effect will depend on how well you take care of your teeth, whether or not you smoke, drink alcohol, coffee, tea or other staining agents.

What are alternative to teeth whitening?

If you do not have teeth or gums suitable for any of the teeth whitening solutions, you have the option of using other dental treatments like Lumineers, bonding or veneers. However, these alternatives may be more expensive compared to teeth whitening.

 If you want to carry out a professional teeth whitening procedure such as laser teeth whitening, you can contact London Braces on 020 37457520 to book an appointment.

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