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C-Fast and Six Month Smile Treatment at London Braces Clinic - Cost from £1800 (All Inclusive)

Straighten your Teeth in Just Six Months from our highly experienced Dentists

London Braces is a reliable centre where the dentists offer Cfast treatment to patients. With this new dental procedure, you can straighten your upper and lower teeth by using clear brackets and tooth-colored nickel-titanium wires within six months. The duration for this orthodontic treatment will depend on the complexity of the straightening required. However, an accurate idea of the treatment time will be determined by various factors such as the degree of your teeth misalignment. Your dentist will assess the present condition of your teeth and provide you with a treatment plan.

Who will benefit from Cfast treatment?

Cfast can help to address several oral concerns such as tipping, rotations, extrusions and intrusions and, compared to other treatment options, within a short time. The treatment is the most suitable orthodontic option for patients who do not want to undergo complicated corrective methods for their occlusion, biting force problems and who have cosmetic dental problems. The procedure can deal with less complex dental problems effectively such as:

  • Inverse smile line
  • Overbite and open bite
  • Overlapped and crowded teeth
  • Dental problems such as too much spacing and tooth gapping
  • Oral problems related to canted midlines and asymmetry

How Six-Month Smile and Cfast compares to traditional metal brackets

Traditional orthodontic procedures can deal with major bite or malocclusion problems effectively. However, these treatments take a longer time and may require 1 to 2 years to be completed.

Six-month smiles and Cfast braces have been designed to improve overall appearance and comfort levels. Besides, they can address cosmetic problems such as alignment and anterior spacing within a short span of time.

The brackets used for six month smiles and traditional treatments are bonded together at the front surface of your teeth enamel. This will then be followed by attachment of these brackets to arch wires. This is where the similarities between both the treatments end. Six month smiles treatment involves taking an impression of your teeth at the initial appointment after which customised trays will be prepared at the laboratory.

These trays are designed for greater comfort and are quite similar to whitening trays. Your dentist will position clear brackets for bonding. The ties and wires used in the procedure ensure the effectiveness of the treatment and maintain the visual appearance of your smile by matching the colour of your teeth.

What our patients say

Six-month smiles reviews have been obtained based on the experience of patients. This helps to show that clear brackets and the use of wires that match with the color of patients' teeth have improved their comfort and experience. With a short treatment time and low-movement approach, this makes the treatment suitable for those who want to get quick results.

Your personalised experience with us

Our personalised 6 months smiles treatment ensures a comfortable and safe way to restore your confidence and smile. The procedure is done by our accredited dentists who straighten the front teeth with natural-looking components that are almost invisible. The combination of new materials and latest advancements in orthodontics make this treatment an effective solution for those who want to have straighter teeth.

Invisalign Accredited Provider

Invisalign Accredited Provider

The customised clear brackets used in this treatment match the natural colour of your teeth and will shift teeth gently into a symmetrical alignment. These almost invisible components enable patients to have corrective treatment with barely noticeable braces. Though the treatment does not address major bite or malocclusion problems, it is effective in straightening front teeth to achieve the perfect smile.

These braces have been made to work on every tooth to achieve the perfect alignment. This will lessen the need for lengthy treatment. The gentle movement induced by these braces will cause minimal discomfort and provide a more convenient option when compared to traditional alternatives.

5 Stages for straighter teeth with six month smiles braces

Stage 1 - Consultation session

During the consultation, your accredited dentist will perform a comprehensive evaluation of the teeth and gums. The results of the initial evaluation with other parameters such as facial photographs and X-rays will be used to provide you with an idea of what the result of your treatment will be.

If the results of dental examination indicate you may be benefitted from other treatments, then your options will be explained to provide you with a complete picture and the choices available.

Stage 2 – Customised trays

If your accredited dentist considers it to be the most effective treatment for you, an impression of your upper and lower jaws will be taken. These impressions with the photographs of your teeth and face will be sent to the laboratory where customised trays will be built.

Stage 3 – Fitting

Once the braces are ready, they will be sent to the clinic. At the next appointment, your made-to-measure trays and wires will be fitted by your dentist. You will feel some discomfort initially after the fitting due to the pulling force of braces. The discomfort will ease within a short time. After the session is over, your dentist will give advice to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment and to ensure you maintain your oral health and hygiene.

Stage 4 - Check-up Sessions

Your check-up appointments are then arranged at 4 to 6 weeks of intervals, based on the complexity of the treatment. The sessions will then be appointed to evaluate overall progress of the treatment and for tightening, if required.

Stage 5 – Completion

After the treatment is done, you can remove the braces and your retention options will be explained. These are aimed at preventing relapses and will be tailored to fit your lifestyle.

How much time will the treatment take?

The treatment time for a complete course is usually six months. However, it might take only 4 months for some patients and 9 months for others to complete the treatment. This depends on several factors such as the present alignment of your teeth and your desired goals. However, the treatment time is 6 months, on average.

After care and recovery

Oral Cleaning and Hygiene

Proper brushing of your teeth and maintenance of oral hygiene is important during the entire procedure. Once the braces are fitted properly, your dentist will give advice on the proper techniques of brushing at least twice a day. You may be asked not to eat certain foods for some time to attain the most desired results.

When you are at work, it is advised to carry your toothbrush and brush after taking each meal. Improper cleaning of your teeth can cause damage to the protective enamel layer of your teeth thus, causing sub optimal outcomes.

You should use mouthwashes and interdental brushes to clean those hard to reach areas just beneath dental arch wires.

It is suggested you avoid eating sticky foods as they can get stuck in between the braces and can lead to further complications such as detachment of braces. Consuming hard foods such as boiled sweets should be avoided as they can cause the bond between the brackets and your teeth to break.

Also, you should say no to sugary foods and drinks that have high amount of sugar and acid in them because they can make maintenance of good oral hygiene extremely difficult.

Visit your dentist regularly for improved oral health

Your braces will be retightened during the check-up sessions. The fitting and tightening of braces causes minimal discomfort that may continue for a few hours. This is due to the tightening force of arch wires which is an indication these wires are performing their job properly. You may take painkillers, as suggested by the dentist to lessen the discomfort.

After the treatment is done, you are advised to wear removable retainers at night and prevent relapses. On the other hand, you may choose to wear these retainers continuously, positioned behind your teeth.

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