Cost of Invisalign Braces in London, UK

Invisalign braces are some how similar in terms of price than the traditional ones. This is the cost people have to pay for enjoying the benefits of getting straighter teeth and improved appearance.

The cost of Invisalign treatment depends on the complexity of the treatment and the expected time period. Orthodontists usually charge different prices for each kind of braces. For example, the dental examination will enable you to qualify for an Invisalign Lite and the price will be lower than Invisalign Full.

The cost for Invisalign should be around £1, 250 for Invisalign go – upto £5,500 for Invisalign full in London, UK, on an average.

Since you deserve to smile with confidence, the treatment cost should not be very high. We assess the prices daily to get the best value for dental as well as orthodontic treatments in London without comprising on quality.

The treatment cost denotes our expertise with state-of-the-art techniques and quality materials.

If you are looking for a suitable treatment plan and personalised quote, contact us by arranging your consultation session. Scroll down our fee guide on different invisible braces treatment.

We provide overall estimation for your treatment via email. Share us a photo of your smile through our contact email: and see how our experts can help you.

Cost of Braces at Our Clinic in London

Treatments Cost
Private Dental Examination £95
Saturday Appointments
For Urgent Treatments
Emergency Examination £95
Home Teeth Whitening £399
Enlighten Home Teeth Whitening £495
Enlighten Home and in office combo whitening £595
Crown Recement £150
Temporary filling £125
Recement metal crown or bridge £135
Recement of ceramic crown or bridge £135
Small Xrays £12
Large (panoral) Xrays £65
Hygiene £89
Airflow £35
Extensive Hygiene £130
Periodontal deep clean with local anaesthetic Per Arch £195
Composite (white ) fillings from £200 to £355
Amalgam (metal) fillings from £120
Dental bonding(Per Tooth) from £225 to £390
Composite veneers from £399
Porcelain Bonded Crown £945
All-Ceramic Crowns £945
Full Gold Crowns £1020
Inlays/Onlays £945
Veneers £945
Zirconia £995
Root Canal Treatment Incisor from £545
Root Canal Treatment Premolar from £665
Root Canal Treatment Molar from £795
Root Canal by Endodontist after consultation
Simple Extraction from £200
Surgical extractions from £250
Wisdom tooth extraction from £375
Dental implant from £1595
Teeth Whitening from £399
zoom! Combo whitening £550
Invisalign treatment with Consultation including 1000 off this month from £2650
Six months Smiles and Cfast from £1800
Facial Aesthetic Including The Botox Prices
1 area £200
2 areas £300
3 areas £350
Fillers £200 to £350
Invisalign Treatment with Consultation including £1000 off this month
Invisalign i7 - refinement £400 £1900
Invisalign Lite - 1 refinement included any more £400 £2650
Invisalign Full - 1 refinement included any more £400s £3650
Invisalign for complex cases £4250
Includes Fixed and removable retainers and whitening gel
We are providing upto £1000 off on our Full Invisalign Treatment Save £1000 off on Full Invisalign Treatment for a limited time Get in touch with us for your consultation now!
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