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Private Orthodontic Treatment in London at affordable Prices

General dentistry has lot of specialised branches out of which, orthodontics is one. It deals with correcting misaligned jaws and straightening the teeth. As we grow older our jaws keep growing too. Thus, it is possible that a tooth shift its position by moving through the jawline. It is the responsibility of an orthodontist to straighten the misplaced tooth and also make it look better.

Orthodontics includes both preventive and corrective treatments for irregularities of the jaws and the teeth. This branch of dentistry makes extensive use of braces to provide all-round solutions. Orthodontists are skilled specialists who diagnose patients and provide both preventive and corrective treatments to the irregularities of the teeth and the gums. Orthodontic treatment is helpful for both restoring basic functionality of the mouth and adding aesthetic appeal to the face.

Advantages of undergoing orthodontic treatment:

  • More appealing smile leading to a more attractive look and greater self-confidence.
  • Straightened teeth results in improved oral health with lesser chances of tooth and gum decay.
  • Rearrangement of the teeth through the treatment helps to improve the bite.
  • Reduced chances of wear of the teeth resulting from excess stress on the jaws.
  • Undergoing treatment under a skilled orthodontist proves helpful while availing restorative dental care in future.

London Braces believes in providing its patients with better value for money. Thus, the London-based clinic maintains a state-of-the-art infrastructure based on cutting-edge technology. Patients come to us from far and near to have the latest orthodontic treatments using sophisticated gadgets like digital photography, digital radiography and advanced orthodontic scanning technology of Sure Smile. Our team of experts and support staffs ensures a warm, responsive atmosphere to facilitate greater convenience of our patients.

Orthodontic treatments available at London Braces

London Braces readily offers a wide range of orthodontic treatments to resolve your gum and teeth issues. Our orthodontic experts diagnose every patient thoroughly and then discuss the best course of action for the desired solution.

Some of our popular treatment solutions include the following:

  • Clear Fixed Braces – These braces remain almost invisible and clearly out of sight by using clear brackets and white wires.
  • Damon Braces – This range of braces is based on the concept of low friction mechanics and provides desired results much quicker. Patients prefer this particular orthodontic treatment because of its lighter force and greater convenience. The latest variety of Damon braces like Damon Q and Damon Clear Braces enables patients with fewer and more occasional visits to our practice.
  • Lingual Braces – This is a unique orthodontic treatment approach as compared to all other braces. Lingual braces remain totally invisible as these are fitted to the inner surface of the teeth.
  • Invisalign Braces – These braces are easily removable and hence, provide greater convenience to patients. However, our orthodontist experts will conduct a thorough diagnosis before selecting a patient for this treatment.

At London Braces, we use 3D computer graphics technology for your Invisalign Braces to ensure customized solutions that you desire.

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