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The Extensive Ranges of Orthodontic Adult Braces
30 Jan 2023

The Extensive Ranges of Orthodontic Adult Braces

Wearing braces has always been bothersome and sometimes embarrassing whatever your age. But the level of embarrassment and discomfort is comparatively less at an early age. It is therefore said best to have an early orthodontic examination to correct your persisting malocclusion problems. Did you miss out the diagnosis when young? Dont worry, you still have time to rearrange your misaligned teeth into a straighter and properly aligned set. You have a comprehensive range of orthodontic braces you can choose from at a reputed dental clinic in London. Each variety is unique in its own way and plays a vital role in rendering a better and improved smile. Read on to know about the different set of aligners in detail.

Different types of braces and aligners

You will find several orthodontic options for teeth straightening. Some of the common varieties of adult braces in London include:

  • Traditional Braces – It is the most common type of fixed braces used for teeth straightening. It includes a set of metal brackets and wires that fit on your misaligned teeth for almost two years to give you the satisfied results. The elastic bands and arch wire are fixed on the tooth that affects your appearance greatly. Though this probably the method that put you off getting braces at a younger age. This is why the approach took a fall and is now replaced by more comfortable orthodontic options.
  • Lingual Braces – It is a developed set of braces for adults that is nearly invisible and thus, saves you from any public embarrassments. The set of lingual braces is placed on underside of your teeth which makes it unnoticeable. Your teeth move with the same technique of gentle pressure as in case of traditional braces. The only difference is it is invisible and custom-made that makes it a little more expensive than traditional or metal braces.
  • Invisalign – It is another suitable kind of adult braces that can render you the perfect smile and appearance with better ease and comfort. These are basically clear removable aligners that straighten your teeth more effectively than metal braces. It is transparent with the added benefit of being removable to make eating and drinking easier. It is one of the most discreet methods of teeth straightening.
  • Ceramic Braces – These come in same shape and size as traditional braces, the only difference being tooth-coloured and the use of clear brackets. You can also ask for tooth-coloured wires to make it even more unnoticeable. It moves your teeth faster than the clear aligners and this feature makes it more costly than traditional braces.

You can now choose an appropriate teeth straightening option with the help of your orthodontist at London Braces. The experienced and qualified dental practitioners will help you attain the desired result effectively. On recieving the right teeth straightening treatment, you can achieve an improved and attractive smile.