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Adult Braces London

A perfect and attractive smile positively affects both your personal and professional life. Not everyone naturally has a beautiful smile. To achieve their dream smile, people are opting for adult braces in London.

Orthodontics is the treatment for children and adults and people in London appreciate the benefits of having a beautiful smile. By having Adult Orthodontics during the adulthood phase, you can improve your appearance and self-esteem. Improving the health of teeth and gums is very important while a bad bite and crooked teeth can lead to tooth decay, bone loss, gum disease, unusual  wear of the tooth enamel and headaches and jaw joint (TMJ/TMD) pain.

It is possible to change tooth alignment at any age if the bone structure and gums remain healthy. The latest techniques and appliances can greatly lessen the discomfort level, decrease the frequency of visits, shorten treatment time and is a very discrete option. Adults are very excited about aesthetic options we offer which include – Invisalign, clear and lingual braces.

Adult Braces in London

Crooked teeth can lead to tooth decay and gum disease as food remains are not easily cleaned while brushing or flossing.

Many adults in London have not yet enjoyed the benefit of straightening their crowded or crooked teeth but this problem can be corrected easily.

When you smile, crowded teeth do not fit against the opposing teeth. They lessen the attractiveness of your smile and set the stage for dental problems such as gum disease and tooth cavities.

We are very pleased to help adult patients feel confident in their appearance with treatments designed especially for their needs. There are cases of cosmetic misalignment when the results can be attained with one of our orthodontic treatments which can be Invisalign clear aligners or Six-Month Smile. Depending on the extent of your misalignment, some patients can complete the treatment within four months. More severe crowding may require more time.

Various complaints can arise due to misaligned teeth. Embarrassment about your smile is a common reason that makes adults opt for orthodontic treatment. Other reasons to improve alignment include extreme headache or jaw pain (TMJ disorder), bad breath, facial profile concerns and tendency towards inflammation or decay in the soft tissue.

Reasons why adults consider orthodontic treatment:

  • Lessen gaps in between the teeth
  • An improved smile by correcting crowded or crooked teeth
  • Make way for other dental methods such as implants, crowns or bridges
  • Maintain improved dental health and hygiene habits
  • teeth straightening for adults without using brackets and wires

Undergoing an orthodontic treatment can do wonders for your smile and dental health. It improves your overall health with good oral hygiene habits. Having properly aligned teeth makes them easy to clean which can help you avoid major oral problems.

It is never too late to work on improving your smile. We help adult patients to attain their desired result with orthodontic treatments at London Braces.

Different kinds of adult braces available:

Reasons more adults are wearing braces:

Braces have become less visible in recent years, more adults are wearing them for several reasons. Some adults want to resolve problems with their teeth or jaws before they become serious or lead to further damage. Others want to feel better about their overall appearance by addressing their cosmetic concerns. As cosmetic problems can cause damage, the teeth and jaws which do not align properly may lead to premature wear of the tooth surfaces. This could be the reason for tooth decay, gum disease, dentures or other reconstructive options.

With the latest techniques and advent of clear braces for adults, people are now choosing braces to correct several dental problems. including:

  • Crowded teeth:

    Many people in the UK suffer from crowded teeth which is the common reason for adults to choose this treatment. In some cases when extractions are needed to create space for teeth alignment.

  • Gapped teeth:

    Gaps may occur in between teeth due to several reasons. If you have a larger than average jaw or smaller than average teeth, there will be gaps. In some cases, adult teeth do not emerge easily and this creates unwanted space in the mouth.

  • Prominent front teeth:

    Another common problem in the UK is having a lower jaw which is positioned further back and makes upper teeth to stick out. Upper teeth may come forward resulting in noticeable front teeth.

  • Open bite:

    When the lower and upper teeth do not meet at the front, the appearance is less of a matter of concern. You may find it difficult to bite on hard foods. An open bite is a complex problem which needs proper planning and thorough execution of the treatment plan.

  • Deep bite:

    When the upper teeth close over the lower teeth, there can be permanent harm to the teeth and gums. The lower teeth biting in the back of upper teeth can cause wear and probable damage to your gums. Some people with a deep bite can have front teeth that lean inwards.

  • Crossbite:

    When upper teeth close behind the lower teeth, this is a crossbite which forms an asymmetrical smile and makes eating more challenging. The teeth may meet in an awkward way which leads to damage or wear to the tips of the teeth. There are extreme cases when teeth braces for adults and jaw surgery may be needed.

Reasons Adults want to Undergo Orthodontic Treatments:

  • To Improve Self-confidence

    Your teeth are important for eating and they are a major factor of your overall appearance. Having a beautiful smile may enhance self-esteem of a person and help them to feel confident. But an unattractive smile can have opposite effect on people. Uneven teeth can make people feel unappealing and uncomfortable. As an adult, this may affect how people are looked at by employers. Having a healthy and straighter smile may offer a more professional look and boost your chances of being taken seriously.

  • Enhance Dental Health

    When the teeth are misaligned, they can trap food which makes it difficult to  clean them properly. With age, dental health problems may increase. The loss of bone structure and issues with jaw structure such as TMJ may cause difficulty with biting and chewing. Sometimes invisible braces for adults may help with alignment which will improve these issues.

  • Adult Orthodontics

    In recent years, there have been several changes and improvements to invisible braces. With the availability of clear braces for adults, it is difficult to tell when someone is wearing them. Sometimes it is even possible for them to be placed at the back of teeth rather than the front.

  • Affordability

    Braces may be expensive but with several choices available, many adults whose families may not have been able to afford them when they were younger, have options now. You need to see your provider and find braces that will be within your budget.

  • The Cost of Different Types of Braces at Our Clinic:

    Many patients want to know “How much will Braces Cost?” before starting with the treatment. Below we have discussed the price guide for Invisalign Brace and Six-Month Smiles Braces.

    Treatment prices may differ due to the complexity of each case. Below is our price guide for adult braces.

    At London Braces, we provide you with a detailed estimate for our treatment plan which is provided after the initial consultation.

    We have flexible payment options which can help to spread the cost of braces treatment.  A London Braces payment plan makes it inexpensive to wear braces at.

Treatments Cost
Invisalign £1900 to £4650
Ceramic Braces from £3000-£4600
Lingual Braces from £3500 to £7000
Braces for Children from £2700-£3200
Six Month Braces from £2500

Am I too old for braces?

No! Age does not matter. It is the condition of your bones and gums that is important. We can correct several adult problems easily. Most adults are now choosing Invisalign over other treatment options for their teeth straightening.

How is the treatment different for adults?

Adults who did not benefit from early orthodontic treatment may face more complex treatment than children. This is mainly because:

  • Jaws are not growing anymore
  • Bones and gums supporting the teeth may be diseased or damaged
  • Teeth may be damaged, worn or missing

Though adults pose various challenges, modern advancements in orthodontic methods and technologies make it possible for almost anyone of any age to enjoy a healthier and happier smile.

Will my invisible braces work when I have missing teeth?

Yes, when you lose a tooth, the surrounding teeth drift into the vacant space. The teeth may not function properly and gum health can decline. We can prevent or solve these problems as well as restore proper alignment and the dentist can replace your missing teeth.

Can I remain active while wearing teeth braces?

Braces should not prevent you from enjoying life to the fullest although you may need to make temporary adjustments. For example, if you take part in contact sports, it is advisable to wear a protective mouthguard. When playing any musical instrument like trumpet, you will need to experiment until you get used to it.

Can orthodontic treatment help me like it does a child?

Healthy teeth can be shifted at any age. Orthodontic procedures shifts the teeth in the same way for both a 12-year-old child and a 75-year-old adult. For adults, the tooth movement may require a longer time and can become complicated due to present dental conditions. Our orthodontists can address the issues that remain exclusive to adults.

How will adult treatment differ from that of kids and adolescents?

Adults will often have some wear and tear on the teeth, bone and gums. The orthodontist will discuss orthodontic treatment options that can improve the teeth and bite. He may even suggest recruiting the help of your dentist to achieve your desired goals.

My teeth have been crooked for more than 50 years. Can I have orthodontic treatment now?

Orthodontic treatment can help to restore proper functioning of the teeth and prevent gum disease, bone loss and unusual wear which occur, at any age. Teeth that work in a better way will usually look better, too. Having a healthy and attractive smile may enhance self-esteem, whatever your age.

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