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Dental Hygiene

Looking for dental hygienist London?

Get your teeth professionally cleaned and coated with brightness at our London Braces clinic. A myriad of dental cleaning services, including scaling and polishing, are offered here. All that plaque and teeth stains can be brushed off under the skilful hands and supervision of our highly trained dental hygienists. We can help you keep gum disease at bay by improving your oral health practices.

Why is this important you may wonder? Daily brushing and flossing are good, but you may not be doing it right. Which is why having a dental hygienist near you to give useful advice on how to stay dentally hygienic is smart.

You can book an appointment with us today to start your journey to oral hygiene. Our clinic is serene and manned by a team of friendly staff to make your stay very comfortable. For 6 days of the week, our clinic is open to patients. You can visit us.

Our highly functional dental cleaning services

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Reviews Star London Braces ClinicInvisalign aligners makes my daughter daily life much easier, it also help her in oral hygiene, reduced the risk of bacteria infections that prevents tooth decay and gum disease as well. Invisalign clear aligners changed her friend circle life style and give her a confidence smile. Thanks to dental surgeon and the staff for friendly treatment. highly recommend!

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Thank you so much for all your professional process. highly recommended!

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To serve you better, we have highly advanced oral hygiene and teeth cleaning techniques which gives the best results always:

Flash pearl polish and scaling

Using an airflow machine, this unique treatment takes away all that stain on your teeth surface. A special air-polishing powder capable of removing heavy stains is placed inside the machine. Upon release, this powder gently wipes the dents and all that unpleasant colours off your teeth. So, stains caused by smoking, drinking of tea and coffee gets to be removed by this standard and hygienic procedure. People who have sensitive teeth are best suited for this kind of teeth cleaning since it won't trigger any sensation.

Dental hygiene advice

At your consultation, our expert hygienist will advise you properly on how to take good care of your teeth. They will also give your at-home oral hygiene tips. You'll be advised on the best use of dental floss, the right toothbrush to use, and how to hold your toothbrush when cleaning your teeth. Throughout your routine checkup with our hygienist, your gums and teeth will be expertly cared for so that they remain very strong and in good health condition.

In summary, our oral hygiene advice covers:

  • How to brush and floss the right way
  • How to avoid gingivitis and gum disease
  • How to prevent bad breath or bad taste
  • How dental issues, for instance, gum disease impact on your general health condition

Our oral hygiene treatment fees



Oral check


Small radiographs (per x-ray)


Dental cleaning (Airflow)


Hygienist cleaning


Periodontal treatment (per session)

Per Arch £ 195

Chronic periodontal treatment plus dentomycin



FAQs on dental hygiene

In what ways can optimum dental hygiene be maintained?

The following expert tips will help you keep up with the best of oral hygiene:

  • Brush and floss your teeth everyday
  • Visit your dentist for routine checkups
  • Don't miss regular hygienist appointment
  • Clean your mouth thoroughly
  • Always eat a balanced diet
  • Avoid taking foods thatare sticky and drinks with colour
  • Use mouthwashes and keep your tongue clean
  • Stop habits like smoking
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Reviews Star London Braces ClinicI got my smile back and thanks to the dental surgeon for best fit Invisible clear braces. Thank you!

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Reviews Star London Braces ClinicI have been keeping my eyes open for offers on Invisalign treatment and saw that London-Braces had an offer. I have now been assessed and measurements taken for my braces and I’m hoping to get going soon. Everyone at the clinic is lovely.

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How can health issues arise due to poor dental hygiene?

Bad oral hygiene can result in serious health concerns. Failing to brush your teeth daily will cause halitosis (bad breath), cavities, and tooth decay. Latest research shows that improper dental lifestyle can trigger sudden health problems such as the increased risk of Alzheimer's disease and heart disease.

How do I keep my teeth clean?

Brush your teeth for a minimum of 2 times every day for 2 minutes per session. Start from one corner of your mouth and brush to the other; covering all teeth surfaces as you do so. Ensure you brush gently. Don't use a hard-bristled toothbrush. It might hurt your mouth. You can also floss once daily.

Need dental checkups and teeth cleaning?

Subscribing to our dental plan offers you 2 regular checkups combined with professional cleaning two times per year. Fix an appointment with us at London Braces by calling 020 37457520. You will get to speak with any of our expert hygienists. Report any medications you've been taking and alterations to your lifestyle. They will help you with a long-lasting solution to your oral hygiene concerns.

Talk to our dental hygienist today!


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