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Early orthodontic diagnosis is a boon for your child as it renders a healthy smile for your little ones. It is a myth that you will have to wait for an orthodontic treatment until your child’s adult teeth show up. A good assessment can detect orthodontic problems even when some baby teeth are present. The dental expert can spot the underlying complications and perform required operations in time. This can protect your kid from major complexities and increase the longevity of his teeth.

Kinds of orthodontic treatment for children

Interceptive treatment: as the name suggests, the treatment is performed to intercept and prevent severe teeth issues. It is provided for children between the age of 7 and 9 and the time frame involved in the completion of the process is 8-12 months. It reduces complications of future dental treatments.

Comprehensive treatment: This treatment is commenced when the jaws and face has developed enough, that is, at an age of 11 or above. The process involves wearing fixed braces or clear braces for 1-3 years based on the oral conditions and complexity of the case.

Causes of Children's Orthodontic issues

Orthodontic shortcomings can result from your genes, mouth or jaw injury, thumb or finger sucking and early or late loss of milk teeth.

Adult orthodontics takes a longer time to complete as the bone is tender and there may be a need for teeth to be removed. Getting early intervention for tooth misalignment can reduce or eliminate the need for extraction and surgery.

If you notice any teeth problems in your child and they are deemed eligible we carry out Invisalign treatment at London Braces, contact us and book an appointment. Our team of experienced dental practitioners will help to retain your child’s smile and render an improved appearance.

Benefits of early orthodontics

Availing an early orthodontic treatment can help your dentist in:

  • Directing jaw growth
  • Enhance appearance

  • Arrange the misaligned teeth in a proper position

  • Eliminate the chances of future protrusion of upper front teeth

  • Make way for upcoming permanent teeth

The British Orthodontic Society suggests that you should take your child for the first orthodontic session at an age of 7years kids. Early treatment to treat the teeth problems in its bud is proved to be highly beneficial for many patients. An attractive smile and straighter teeth plays a crucial role in boosting a child’s self-confidence and self-esteem. It also increases the longevity of the teeth by providing complete protection from further dental complications.

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